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Pillow Sex Dildo, Inflatable Sex Furniture With Attached Dildo Discreet Sex Toys For Couples BDSM Sex Stool Sex Chair Bouncy Ball Sex Pillow KetchupKangaroo 4.5 out of 5 stars (34)

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Pillows: A surprising homemade sex toy During intercourse, a well-placed pillow can facilitate deeper penetration. Of course, pillows aren’t as hardcore as other homemade sex toys for women, but they are efficient!

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Being propped up on a table can make penetrative sex way easier for you and a partner if you’re of different heights (free sex pillow, haaay!) and allows you to control the depth of penetration ...

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Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow. Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow. Liberator lovehoney.com. $159.99 SHOP NOW. Get more use out of your toys with this unique pillow from Liberator ...

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If you're ready to rock and roll your way to the big O, the Liberator Jaz Motion is the sex pillow for you. When placed on the curved side, this sex pillow allows you to indulge in a natural back and forth rocking movement for enhanced pleasure—almost like a sex swing, but way more low-key. And for the days when you're not feeling like a rhythmic romp, flip the cushion onto the flat side and lie down; the cushion's curve should fit seamlessly into the natural contours of your back and ...

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Simply make a hole in the chosen toy, apply lube and preferably a condom, and get crazy! 10. Homemade male sex toys that are full of possibilities? Toothbrushes. The electric toothbrush is a classic sex toy for women, what with its easy accessibility and intense vibrations, but toothbrushes are great for guys too!

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Men’s sex toy sales have gone up by over 1,000% in the last 10 years – online sex shops have made it easier for guys to buy Fleshlights and pocket pussies with confidence. But with the best Fleshlights costing upwards of $70, many guys are using household items to make DIY Fleshlights for cheap.

58 Homemade Sex Toys For Men & Women (Improvised & DIY)

58 Homemade Sex Toys For Men & Women (Improvised & DIY) Dainis Graveris October 14, 2021 September 13, 2020 If you like to get crafty while you get kinky, here are 58 incredible homemade sex toys you can make or find at home.

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Pillows can also be great co-masturbation tools, says sex educator Laura McGuire, who encourages everyone to think outside of the penetrative sex box. “People forget that a lot of pleasure can ...