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It is also softer than polyurethane and out preforms latex when it comes to transmitting body heat. Hotter sex and a soft feel are a winning combination. Durex has their variation with the Durex Avanti Bare. This ultra-thin polyisoprene condom is specially shaped for comfort.

Polyisoprene Condoms for People With Latex Allergies

That's why polyisoprene condoms are so similar to latex condoms. They're fundamentally a cleaner version of the same thing. Polyurethane condoms, on the other hand, are made from a different type of polymer entirely. Polyurethane condoms tend to be baggier and less stretchy because they are made from plastic, not rubber.  

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For those who can’t tolerate latex condoms, polyurethane condoms are generally considered one of the better latex alternatives. Polyisoprene condoms are another fan-fave for those with latex ...

Polyurethane Condoms: The great alternative to latex

One of the main issues that people tend to have with polyurethane condoms is the fact that they are usually more expensive than more common options, such as polyisoprene condoms and latex condoms. Thus, the price factor is the first to be considered – if you are not able to pay a more significant amount for protection during sex, then polyurethane condoms might not be the ideal option for you.

Non-Latex Condoms, Are They Better Than Latex?

Polyurethane condoms such as Trojan Supras conduct heat better than latex and therefore are not as noticeable. Polyurethane condoms also are thinner than most latex condoms, and they have little to no smell. On the downside, polyurethane doesn’t stretch as much like latex or polyisoprene, so slippage and breakage rates are higher.

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Polyisoprene condoms, on the other hand, are thicker than their polyurethane counterparts which may result in not as much sensation during intercourse. Polyisoprene condoms will also not retain their integrity when used with lubricants that are oil based since polyisoprene is essentially the same type of rubber as latex with only the proteins removed to make it hypoallergenic.