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Turns out monkeys use dildos too : WTF - reddit

Turns out monkeys use dildos too. nsfw. Close. 68. Posted by 9 years ago. Archived. ... Apes are subset of the monkey branch of the primates. They are still monkeys ...

WATCH: Library brings in 'rainbow dildo butt monkey' to teach ...

A man dressed in a rainbow monkey costume with his butt exposed and a large dildo hanging between his legs, was part of an event to encourage kids to read. The Redbridge Libraries Summer Reading Challenge left parents confused and outraged after the rainbow monkey man in a buttless suit was brought in to promote literacy and the summer reaching challenge to kids, the dildo swinging freely from his genital area.

These monkeys are having better sex than you.

No banana dildos allowed, these six species of monkey have fascinating sex. What primates lack in cognition and intellectual ability they make up for in mind-blowing amounts of sex.

Labour Grovels After 'Rainbow Monkey Dildo' Sparks Muslim ...

A London library sparked intense backlash after it hired a self-described anti-racist carnival troupe with a performer dressed up as a monkey with a large dildo hanging between his legs for a children's reading event https://t.co/eyTa7cvoPN

9 Animals That Masturbate (Other Than Humans)

The art of self-pleasure has been observed in males from about 80 species from ape to monkey to lemur, making it one of the most common and widespread primate sexual behaviors.

Monkey Farms Are Breeding Macaques To Be Used In ... - The Dodo

The macaque monkey was nursing her baby when a man grabbed her, pinning her arms behind her back and lifting her up from the ground. The baby screamed and wrapped his arms around his mom, struggling to hold onto her. Without use of her arms, all the mom could do was stare down at her baby, and squeeze his tail with her two back feet.

Coming Soon: Your Own Personal Sex Machines | WIRED

The new Monkey Rocker Tango brings the cybersex experience offline -- when you meet your online lover in person, you can both ride it at the same time (as long as your combined weight is less than ...

7 Completely Insane Sex Toy Designs | Cracked.com

7 Completely Insane Sex Toy Designs. Sex should above all be a fun experience. If you're not having fun, you may be having sex with Kanye West or a bit of wood. Or an old cigar shop wooden Indian, carved into the likeness of Kanye West in a curiously bi-racially racist tableau of insensitivity and artisanal excellence.

How to Use a Dildo: FAQs, Sex Tips, and More Expert Advice

If you have a penis, you can use a dildo to stimulate your prostate, a.k.a. the male g-spot. It's an explosive area for pleasure—and possible the most intense orgasms ever. But dildos aren't ...

Dildo - How to use a dildo - Cosmopolitan

Dildo guide: How to use a dildo. Even if you’re planning on using a dildo with a partner, it is a good idea to check it out by yourself first. You’ll feel less self-conscious, and you can ...