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You’ll need three pairs of socks, two rubber bands and a latex glove. Place the glove between two folded-up pairs of socks, then wrap the third around the whole contraption.

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A soc masturbator is actually a very common homemade sex toy for men, so it just has to be on this list. All you need to do is take one of your socks (not an ankle sock) and fill it up with lube or hand lotion. Now, don’t cheap out on the amount of lube/hand lotion you use. It’s better to have too much in your sock than too little.

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We get it: sex toys are expensive. If you're looking to make a pocket pussy out of household items, we rounded up the best DIY Fleshlight videos online.

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4) Old-fashioned sock: Most guys have seen the American Pie film and at least considered emptying into a sock. The trick here is to place a surgical glove inside the sock with some lube, as the material of the sock may chafe the penis. Roll the top of the sock to create a tight doughnut, place the glove inside and fold the opening over the sock top.

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In another shout-out to messy-sex lovers, puppy pads work wonders to soak up any excess fluid that may, er, spring up. Rite Aid , $9.99, available at Rite Aid Photo: Courtesy of Rite Aid.