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Polyisoprene condoms. Made from synthetic rubber, these don’t contain the same proteins that cause an allergic reaction. Compared with latex condoms, polyisoprene condoms are stretchier.

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Which explains why non-latex condoms are becoming increasingly popular, even for couples who don’t have latex allergies or sensitivities. t Here’s a breakdown of the most popular latex-free ...

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Durex manufactures and sells the Avanti Bare RealFeel condoms made of polyisoprene, which they market as the first non-allergenic latex condom. With these condoms, couples can have the benefits of latex condoms but without the risks. Lifestyles also offers a hypoallergenic condom option – Lifestyles SKYN condom made out of polyisoprene. It comes in two sizes – regular (53mm condom width) and large (56mm condom width).

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Best Latex-Free: Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel Non Latex Condoms. View On Walmart View On Walgreens. Finding a great condom when you have a latex allergy or sensitivity can be a bit of a pain, but there are quite a few options to choose from. These condoms from Durex are latex-free and are instead made of polyisoprene.

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Try Skyn’s original condom, which is made with their patented technology. Durex Real Feel non-latex condoms are also made with polyisoprene. Try: Lambskin

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One of the most well-known and well-loved internal condom brands is FC2. They’re latex-free, and FC2 condoms can be inserted hours in advance, which allows you to enjoy intimate moments ...

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In fact, you should use a condom even if one of you is on another form of contraceptive. Thankfully, there are other options to latex condoms for people who have allergies. For example, you could try: Polyurethane condoms: These are made out of thin plastic. Polyisoprene condoms: They’re made out of synthetic rubber. Lambskin condom: They’re made out of lamb intestine (not the skin, as the name suggests). Sure, these sound a little exotic. However, they’re a natural type of condom that ...